sábado, outubro 10, 2009

Good Teaching... Top Ten

Divagações de fim-de-semana na net levaram-me aqui. Como gostei, partilho e convido a uma posterior leitura completa no site referido.

One - "Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason."

Two - "Good teaching is about substance and treating students as consumers of knowledge."

Three - "Good teaching is about listening, questioning, being responsive, and remembering that each student and class is different."

Four - "Good teaching is about not always having a fixed agenda and being rigid, but being flexible, fluid, experimenting, and having the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances."

Five - "Good teaching is also about style. Should good teaching be entertaining? You bet! Does this mean that it lacks in substance? Not a chance!"

Six - "This is very important - good teaching is about humor."

Seven - "Good teaching is about caring, nurturing, and developing minds and talents."

Eight - " Good teaching is supported by strong and visionary leadership, and very tangible institutional support -- resources, personnel, and funds."

Nine - "Good teaching is about mentoring between senior and junior faculty, teamwork, and being recognized and promoted by one's peers."

Ten - "At the end of the day, good teaching is about having fun, experiencing pleasure and intrinsic rewards ..."

By Richard Leblanc, York University, Ontario

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